Thursday, June 21, 2012


 Now while this Stunning! and I mean STUNNING!!! walk in wardrobe is totally my style...
 I could easily be just as happy with this one...the chandelier had me at first sight!
and this one...well this one had me at the gorgeous pink shoe display...perfectly pretty! Hope you're all having a lovely day, mine has been spent outside in the glorious weather watching my beautiful children participate in their sports much fun! Have a lovely afternoon xx  images via tumblr


  1. I've always enjoyed my children's carnivals. So much fun. Equally I enjoy dreaming about such luxuries as a walk in robe. These are stunning. G.x

  2. I'm so envious of this space! We have a "walk-in" but I think it's really too small to be called that.

  3. The walk in robe and the shoe desplay is to die for! Don't you agree? I certainly do! Have a beautiful and calm day!
    Rosey Pinks xoxoxo