Saturday, June 9, 2012


Good morning all! Question??? Does anyone think they know what this splashback is designed from??? is it tiles? glass tiles? a complete piece? or something else? I would love to know...all I know is that I found this image via " new farm villa" in Brisbane so at least I know the product was probably sourced locally...
I just love it's reflective qualities and shine and it comes up beautifully on the virtual tour of this riverfront villa...I seriously would love to consider this in my new kitchen...any thoughts on what you think it is? I'd appreciate any feedback... have a lovely day xx


  1. Hi! You asked about the source of the carpet on my blog and I wanted to respond but honestly I don't know. We picked it out from the Design Center and I have no idea who the manufacturer is - I do know it was expensive! I wish I could have helped you more!

  2. They look like tiles to me. They're gorgeous! A-M xx