Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 Is it just me or are you too loving the idea of a blackboard...a creative space for your thoughts and ideas...
 It doesn't just have to be striking black either...this grey blue industrial take on the traditional blackboard is just gorgeous and gets my vote!
 You could even turn it into your own artwork...
 or use it to display messages and reminders...[this I so need to remember]
Which ever way you choose to look at's creative and that's why I'm loving it!how about you? Hope you're all having a Fabulous day!    images via tumblr


  1. Love those blackboards,
    I wish they cam in style when my son was still young.

  2. We have a small blackboard in our kitchen and it's always been a source of entertainment for family members! A verse for the day, a do to note creative artwork, a disgruntled comment, or dig at someone , a joke or or birthday or good luck message! I "ll always have one. G. X