Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Thought I would share with you some gorgeous kitchens today and ask your opinion on mirrored I am seriously loving them right now...
do you consider them practical? or does beauty win over the voice of practicality they definitely have a wow factor and that's what I love!
when I see such beauty as I do in this gorgeous kitchen by the very talented Designer Bree Oliver [from the beautiful blog" A Paddington Perspective" I think I fall more in love with the idea of having a mirrored splashback...
they definitely add style and glamour to any kitchen...
or do you prefer the coloured glass splashback? for which I love as well and is a much safer choice as it hides more sins and is equally as Beautiful if chosen in the right colour? So what do you think? would you ever consider one? do you know anyone who has one and if so are they still loving it? let me know I'd love to hear your thoughts! Have a Beautiful Wednesday xx
images via tumblr Home Beautiful


  1. We went with a white glass splashback and love it!

    However, if we had a stunning view of the beach or similar we would have gone with a mirror splashback no questions asked (regardless of whether it would be practical to do so or not).

    They look hot! :)


    1. Thanks B I will have to seriously consider the reflection aspects before deciding thanks again, have a lovely week xx