Friday, April 27, 2012


Do you ever have one of those days where you really believe the universe is throwing everything it's got at you? Where you're sure there's meant to be a teaching moment in it but for the life of you just can't find it...It all started with the dreaded school camp...something that always makes me uneasy...but hey they tell you "believe me this is going to make you stronger"so each and every year I nervously send my children away on a learning experience to participate in a range of first time experiences without the watchful eye that only I can have ...let me tell you it didn't make me stronger to receive a call stating that my daughter had come off a bmx bike while riding down a hill and has what they believe a sprained wrist [she can barely ride a real bike on flat ground] and I received this call at 9:45pm... questionable time one would say!.. and then I was unable to call back due to poor reception from them being so far into the mountains...also questionable!... so I lay in bed unable to help my child and still have to wait till tonight before I can assess her injuries ...I still can't fathom why teachers feel the need to take our children away each and every year to far off lands and encourage them to participate in activities where there can be a chance of a worst case scenario...mine being a sprained wrist "just saying!" anyway this then triggered a string of universal catastrophes{of course}...many too long to explain but one resulting in my 6 year old entering class still wearing his dripping raincoat and me not even noticing why he looked so bewildered [well I'm embarrassed!]  I know it could be worse and I'm thankful that it isn't but sometimes you just have to question the universe's motives...Anyway I suddenly feel so much better having vented my feelings and am ready for whatever else the universe wants to throw at me...bring it on! Thanks for listening have a lovely weekend xx


  1. Hope your daughter is ok!!! If it helps I am having one of those catastrophe weeks as well & its doing my head in!!!
    Heres to it all improving from here on in!!

  2. The only way is up then? Hope all works out for your family.