Monday, April 30, 2012


Happy Monday everyone...thought I would show you what I believe to be the gates to heaven...and what Beautiful gates they are...To be here would be pure bliss!  In other news my precious daughter had x-rays to reveal she did infact break her wrist while away on camp...teachers believed it to be sprained so allowed her to continue with various activities like canoeing etc...picked her up Friday night only to see that she had no support on her wrist...teachers had removed it as it had belonged to the school???{unbelievable I know!} and was also astonished to know that my child was somewhere where there were no workable telephones {and with all of today's technology} very disappointing to know that this was not a great concern to them...100 or so school children taken far into the mountains participating in a whole range of first time adventurous experiences and with no access to outside help...AMAZING! and my child was not the only child injured, another child was taken to hospital after falling from the mountain bikes and others also fell and injured themselves[it was like a war zone}...You know what annoys me the's the fact that I spent so much time trying to protect my children keeping a watchful eye on them and then you give them to someone who says they will look after them and then the second you take your eyes off them ,the second you let your guard down and trust someone else's ability to care for them something happens...these teachers have a duty of care and I think on this occasion they were not careful enough... anyway I could go on forever but I'd much rather focus my energies now on the beautiful things in life...and that view above is stunning! Have a lovely day xx                                    image via tumblr 


  1. I understand. Why didn't they take your daughter to hospital when they took the various bike injuries? Not good enough. If they don't have enough teachers to supervise and are more concerned about school property... I think you should put in a complaint because without safety processes in place, or working telephones, it could potentially be a lot worse next time for some poor wee child.Was the camp run by a different company? If so they should have had processes in place. Whichever way you look at it, she should have been taken for an xray if only to exclude a break.

  2. So disappointing, hope her wrist is on the mend.x

  3. I can feel your frustration. The part I can't believe is removing the bandage?? Ke?? G.x