Monday, May 21, 2012


 Happy Monday everyone... Today I'm inspired by the beauty that is this...breathtakingly Beautiful is it not?
 and this...well I just want sit here and breathe in the sheer beauty of it's surrounds...imagine the fragrance...delightful! Wishing you all a Beautiful week filled with inspiring thoughts xx   images via tumblr

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  1. Just Fantastic colours. Do you get inspired by what goes inside a mind. If you want to know you must check out this link
    I think a man gets his inspiration from so many thing here on earth and out there in space. Sometime he gets inspired from what he cannot see. The inspiration I get from what you have posted and what people write are all important to me. My late bipolar son who has passed away when he committed suicide wrote some beautiful pieces. I see you are an Australian and he spent his last months in ANU at Canberra before I had to call him back. Please feel free to comment and put your thoughts in there. Cheers