Monday, May 14, 2012


 How's this for Beautiful serenity on this glorious Monday morning...Love those doors
 Just Beautiful...check out the design of that door...and is it just me or does the world seem a prettier place with bougainvillea in it?
I hope you all had a Beautiful Mothers Day...mine was spent by the water at Santuary Cove with my Darling Mother and my gorgeous two was a wonderful girls day...a cherished moment. Visited Beautiful Vanilla House at cooparoo on friday with my darling little 9month old boy...such a Gorgeous store we were both lost in the many delights...we then visited the lovely Lily-G...where we purchased a beautifully silver framed butterfly painting by the very talented Kerri's oh so Beautiful Kerri! and it complimented the lovely soft blue ceramic stool that I just had to was mothers day after all and a girl needs to treat herself every now and again!  Must be off now as little son has decided to challenge the universe early and try standing unaided by his mother but with the help of his toys for which they may just buckle under his sheer strength. He positively looks so cute...ahh...the joys of motherhood I so Love it! Have a beautiful day's gorgeous out there!     images via tumblr

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  1. The boxed hedges and all the greenery in the first photo are ... heart stopping <3