Thursday, May 17, 2012


 I'm so Loving colour at the moment...and this chair is partly the reason why...It's just stunning is it not? It's beautiful shades of green had me instantly drawn in and that cushion is divine!
 Is it just me or does the world seem a happier place with colour in it?
 Whether it be in the form of furnishings like these delightful cushions and gorgeous curtains

 or whether it be a stunning backdrop to a room... like with this beautiful wallpaper...I'm hooked!   
either way I now have a Love fascination with colour and I'm Loving it! How about you what colour are you loving right now?...let me know I'd love to hear your comments it really makes my day. Wishing you all a Gorgeous day xx   PS[ how gorgeous is that bookcase!!] images via tumblr 


  1. Loving that book case!! I think your right, Ive been making an effort to add colour to my wardrobe of late, Im usually more of a black fashionista, LOL, & do feel a lot more up beat when I wear more colour!!!
    have a fabulous day

  2. That added colour is lovely, makes you feel good. I have a lot a creams and whites with pinks and blues added, even with my three boys.x

  3. You remind me of someone else I know, who makes beautiful parrots and lamps and trinkets and cushions and jewels. You could be brother and sister with your love of colour and design! A-M xx PS I love my parrot.

  4. Oh I'm loving some pops of tangerine right now but not too much.
    Those spaces are so lovely.

  5. I am into green - in a big way right now - I swore off it for a long time as my school uniform had about 3 shades of green in it and I avoided green for 20 plus years. But now I have it in my bedroom festooned in all appropriate shades with a cream and brown backdrop and it makes me very happy. Natalia