Friday, October 28, 2011


Now I know what you're thinking...she still hasn't decided which study table ...I have...I promise you I'm still in love with the one from french and's just that I must show you this one last table that caught my eye...isn't it gorgeous ...anyone would love to work here, I don't know how much work I would get done though as I would be too busy staring at my beautiful surroundings, I'm loving the pops of blue/turqouise everywhere. Wouldn't you love this work desk? I know I's screams inspiration. I 'm off now to look for more gorgeous inspiration from your beautiful blogs. Have a lovely inspiring weekend xx image via Tumblr


  1. Yes, I love that desk. So many choices! I do love the desk from French and English as well. Mimi xx

  2. Oh gosh I wrote a long comment and lost it :(.
    I love your blog, I especially love that desk above, I was looking for exactly the same but didn't have the patience to wait :(. I am disappointed with what I bought, the one above and the setting is beautiful.

    You have a really gorgeous blog, I am in NZ and a recent blogger but getting very addicted.

    I will be visiting again with a cup of tea and some biscuits you have lots to look at :)