Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Seriously considering a purchase from one of my favourite places in James St, the Fabulous French and English

As you know I've been looking for a study desk and I think I may have fallen for their gorgeous one, isn't it stunning? I also saw these beautiful Union Jack drawers which stopped me in my they would be great in a boys room or even a study...oops here we go again, inspiration overload...

This is truly a beautiful cushion and the one below is even more special if that's possible...the crystal is exquisite...

And how awesome would a Union Jack cushion from Creatively Active Minds look on that study chair...hmmm...

This would be one of the best Union Jack pieces I have seen, and I've seen quite a few, nothing compares! I'll definately have to make a trip to their gorgeous stores in brisbane one in James st the other I believe in Doggett st? you can check their website or blog...yes that's right they have a exciting. I have to shout out a big THANKYOU to the lovely Thea from Thea and Sami for helping me figure out how to post links...Thankyou Thea...I hope I've done it goes...Have a lovely day xx

images via French and English and Creatively Active Minds


  1. That desk is perfect and is that a 'sale' sign I spy in the window?

  2. Yay! Linking works and gorgeous inspirations as usual. x

  3. Ahhh... I do love a union jack! These are really great examples; love the added sparkle on those cushions! I think the desk is superb too. I've seen that style around a bit lately, it seems very popular! BTW; your link worked! Congrats! I was sooo excited the first time I worked out how to do it! LOL! I really like it when people include them too; so user easy to check things out further!
    x KL

  4. Love them both, I wanted to buy that desk last week, but my hubbie said wait until we are in our home. Of course he is right. Mimi xx

  5. I love all of these pieces, that desk is very sophisticated.

  6. The Union Jack drawer looks so cool...

    and the pillows are gorgeous.

  7. I saw that gorgeous desk in the Melbourne store just last week and fell in love! It's divine :)

    Abbey x

  8. I love French & English, but I do miss Sweedish Style that used to be in that spot. Lovely.