Monday, October 24, 2011


Ok... so remember last week when I went in search of study desk inspiration for my gorgeous soon to be teenage daughter...well this is what caught my eye... the problem is I like them all and equally as much...this one due to it's beautiful study chair, if only I could find one like that!

Then there's this one with two of my favourite furniture pieces...a venetian glass table and a Kartell ghost chair...this I could do easily {love those boxes too}

now this I adore...very modern and something I think my daughter would like...really love this one and the colours are sensational...

are you seeing my dilema at the's a case of too much inspiration...

this one is very pretty and I love the idea of a unique chair, something very special, it's just a matter of finding one {wishing there were more shops that sold gorgeous study chairs}

Love this tressle style study desk, very beautiful!
Somehow I don't think my daughter would be able to keep her's looking this gorgeous...

and this one is very cute, however I'm not a fan of the chair...

This is also one of my favourites...the table is stunning...very creative...would love to find one of these it!

Ok... so now you know the problem I have before me... not a bad problem to have I know but it's very overwhelming to have so much beautiful inspiration infront of you...which one do you like? please tell me... my problem being I simply love them all!

ps:{ just found out one of my favourite stores" English and French"in James St have their own blog, very exciting! you can check my blog roll to find them, in other news the QUEEN has arrived, Love her too!}


images via Tumblr


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog. It's gorgeous - so much inspiration. Following you!

  2. I really want to do my home office next too. So inspiring. Couldn't find the English and French blog from your roll (too overwhelming). Perhaps it would be good to create a link directly from the name in your blog post? x

  3. I love the tressle table look and recently bought one for my teenage son to use as a desk. It looks fabulous and I got it from IKEA, so very well priced too. x

  4. These arevall fabulous, think I like the first one best though :)

    Abbey x

  5. Hi Belle,

    I find your blog post really interesting. I like your sense of taste in interior design. I'd like to contact you further - please e-mail me at

    Best Regards,

    Taylor Wilson

  6. The link is very easy to do. Highlight the text that you want linked and click on the link button (it always looks like a chain) and then copy and past the website address in the pop-up box. Easy-peasy! Let me know if you have any problems.