Friday, September 21, 2012


 What can I say...I was instantly smitten with this gorgeous room and it's uniquely beautiful window coverings...divine to say the least!
 then I stumbled across what could only be described as perfection...
 I so Love the choice of LED lighting it beautifies the gorgeous splashback not to mention the shine in those cupboards... it creates such a beautiful ambience throughout...
 such a pretty kitchen the colours are nothing short of magnificent!
 then there's the gorgeous bathroom...creatively designed again...just beautiful!
but nothing could prepare me for the creative choice of lighting in the living area...I introduce the "disco ball" in all it's beautiful glory...must say I'm Loving it!!! how about you?  Wishing you all a beautiful weekend xx    images via


  1. Simply stunning, some peoples homes just ooze style. I would love a disco ball in my house for some added bling!!!

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