Thursday, July 12, 2012


This is what I'm Loving today...every square inch of it...well to be honest I think it's those stunning...yes STUNNING!!! windows that had me...such gorgeous detail and the view beyond is to die for! Loving the lights and the beautiful architecture in the kitchen and have I mentioned the taps? Only thing I think I would change would be the dining table...a little too brown for my liking...but that's just me... otherwise just Gorgeous! Hope you're all having a fabulous day wherever you are in the world xx   Image via tumblr


  1. Oh its beautiful, I would love to sit there with a cuppa.x

  2. Each time I build (twice) I seem to focus on one thing and forget another. Last time the lighting and power points could have been better. This time we could have had better windows. The Silver Fox built and sort of forgot to get locks put on plus we have loads of louvers which look lovely but after o e window clean at $400 yikes! So I would definitely put more thought into the windows. Beautiful but practical I think.