Tuesday, July 31, 2012


  This divine bathroom had me at the little black cupboard! So in love with it's beauty...it's breathtaking is it not? 
 This one has enhanced my love for black cabinetry in the bathroom...or anywhere for that matter!
 A heartstopping moment!...the sheer beauty of this is enough to send me giddy...there's the exquisiteness of those taps and the lights...well need I SAY MORE!
 And how about this exceptionally Beautiful piece! in all it's shining glory...I SO LOVE THIS! 
So is it just me or are you too having a heartstopping moment with these GORGEOUS bathrooms! marble and black cabinetry works a treat! Have a lovely day xx     images via pinterest


  1. Stunning, I definately would love a black vanity & marble in my bathroom!!!

  2. These are all absolutely beautiful! My main ensuite may need a bit of tweeking after viewing these! Thank you, as always!
    x KL