Monday, July 2, 2012


Happy Monday everyone...this is just the inspiration I have been searching for...Gorgeous white palette with the most beautiful pops of colour...Is it just me or is the world being drawn into the beautiful depths of colour too? Life is just a happier place with colour in it! I'm so loving colour at the moment and imagine to love it even more as we enter spring.  Have a Lovely day xx       image via Belle Maison


  1. I've noticed this too! What great picture to illustrate. It looks so 'happy'! There are an enormous range of homewares (and kitchen appliances) sharing this same theme; all rainbow brights. Love it!
    x KL

  2. Its great isn't it!!! This is such a welcoming space & a fantastic room layout, Love it!!

  3. Such a wonderful home office...
    loving the whites and little pops of color that made everything look more beautiful.

  4. Yes! Im loving that colour palette thinking of making a big bold and brave choice soon of changing one of my rooms into that same colour palette i think its a big choice but its just soo gorgeous right ladies?