Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Okay...I love books as much as any good book lover but I think this person has to be the worlds greatest book lover as they have built...yes Built a bookcase around there bath...interesting idea ...it would be very convenient to be able to just reach up for a book...although I could easily just bring mine in from the bedroom...not sure how the books would fare with the moisture and all?...I certainly wouldn't want anyone to accidentally knock them into the bath...I would however love to see the rest of this house as I would be intrigued as to what else a person with a bookcase around a bath would design elsewhere...hmmm?... nope can't even think of a more extravagant idea...can you? I do however love it when people think outside the "box" just not sure I would have ever thought this far! anyway tell me what you think I'd love to hear your thoughts...oh and have a Beautiful day!!! xx ps{ love the craftsmanship it's truly a Beautiful bookcase}
image via tumblr

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