Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have such a Love fascination for Beautiful sparkly shoes at the moment ...well... truth be told it's actually been Forever. If I catch a glimpse of them I can been caught longingly staring and imagining the possibilities...and believe me there are so many places we could go!
So sparkly and Beautiful and full of so much promise...yet so impractical for a mother of 4 as she tries to maneuver throughout life with a 7 month old on one hip and a firm grasp on three others while trying desperately to keep her feet firmly on the ground...but then again who said life wasn't without a long as we are looking beautiful doing it...right?

I know they're Beautiful and all and I also know that my 7 month old is my best accessory yet!
but I just can't help myself...Practical?...No! Beautiful?...Yes! and in my world beauty always wins out...never said I was a practical how about you do you sacrifice beauty for practicality or do you dare to temp the universe even when all the signs are telling you don't do it. I love a Beautiful shoe and these are definitely BEAUTIFUL! Wishing You all a Lovely Day xx
images via tumblr

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  1. Oh they are so beautiful, a girl cant be practical all of the time!!!