Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I Love everything about this image, to me it's everything i'm longing for right now, gorgeous coastal blue colours and beautiful glistening sunshine! It has not stopped raining here on the goldcoast for as long as i can remember, and when it's not raining it's cloudy, so please bring on the sunshine and the endless days of glistening sunshine! But until then,I have this gorgeous image for inspiration...and what glorious inspiration it holds!

source of image unknown


  1. I know what you're saying about the grey skies. I have to admit that I don't miss the stinking humidity though and am enjoying the cooler weather. I'm sure when the kids go back to school things will heat up!
    I love that image, the blues and whites - always a favourite.
    Let me know if you want me to take a look at your chairs :o)

  2. The sun popped out today for a few hours but the humidity was unbearable! It's like living in a sauna. I can't wait for the "wet" season to be finished. ;)Sharyne

  3. You're preachin' to the choir! I'm in Seattle and we have nothing but rain, rain, rain right now. Gorgeous image!

  4. We were having the same RAIN in Newport Beach, California...but yesterday and today...ahhh...like your photo. The sun will be back!
    Mary Ann