Monday, December 20, 2010


Loving this creative table setting, especially the angel wing chairs, will seriously think about this for next christmas.
Another beautifully festive table, with the use of classic green mixed with silver and red.

This gorgeous table setting in soft blue reminds me of a winter wonderland

Love everything about this image, this to me is creativity at it's best
I'm so trying to post some of my gorgeous decorations from domayne designed exclusively by Creatively Active Minds, they're absolutely stunning and so very precious, this months Home Beautiful has them featured as do their gorgeous brochures. So stay tuned it's coming!
images via Camilla at home, French Lark Spar


  1. Hello! I've tagged you in a game of 'Things to know' enjoy xxx

  2. Those images are all so inspiring! Makes me want to come up with something really special for my Christmas dinner table!
    Merry Christmas!