Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Trying to follow this philosophy at the moment...too keep calm and continue blogging...truth be known I find myself uninspired...and for me inspiration has been my lifeline and I find myself slowly sinking...not really sure when I'll come up for air...I've always believed in the philosophy that you "Do something with passion or not at all" so for that reason I'm taking a break...I'll still be visiting your lovely blogs and who knows maybe my inspiration will return as quickly as it left...I sure hope so...in the meantime if you'd like me to continue blogging and enjoy my posts let me know...maybe that's all I'll need to hear to inspire me to keep calm and continue blogging... have a beautiful week xx
image via tumblr


  1. Yes, keeping up momentum as a blogger can, at times, be difficult. I think taking a break now and again is a good thing. So enjoy your time away and I know you will be brimming with ideas and inspiration to share very quickly. x

  2. Nooooooo..... I really love your posts and have followed for a long time! Will miss your perfectly edited pics and look forward to seeing you return invigorated and inspired after a hopefully short break.
    x KL