Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When I first laid eyes on this beauty it was love at first sight... the gorgeous silk wallpaper...and in my most favourite colour... I would dream about this beauty for weeks to come... I would even picture her in my room all pretty and sweet... housing my most treasured beauties... but it wasn't to be, the pricetag would keep us apart...if only I had a mere $3000 to spare... Sometimes I still think about her...and where she is...Does somebody love her like I would have...it's when I see other gorgeous wallpapered beauties that my memories of her come fleeting back...

like this one in all it's gorgeousness... She has inspired me though, the thought of making my very own beauty...but I know nothing will replace my love for her, she was one of a kind. Does anyone out there agree that these are truly gorgeous? Have a wonderful day! xx

image via Lily G and Tumblr


  1. I certainly do agree they are just beautiful and the first one's wallpaper is stunning. Mimi xx

  2. So lovely! I can't believe how beautiful they could be. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx