Friday, August 3, 2012


 Call me what you will...but I have always aspired to own a Chanel bag...

 and I don't just mean one of these pretty paper one's beautiful as they are...this divine silver quilted purse with beads has my name all over it!
 One as gorgeous as this would be ideal too...
or my most favourite of all would have to be this little black number!

Something with colour perhaps?

exquisitely beautiful!!!

 or one of these gorgeous designs?
So until that day comes... I'll continue to dream what it would be like to own my very own little piece of Chanel..Is anyone else out there dreaming a little CHANEL!!! Have a Beautiful weekend everyone xx    images via tumblr


  1. Oh yes - me too but they are soooo expensive it's hard to justify $3500 for one. I still to earrings, perfume & shoes for a Chanel fix!

    Melissah from Scrapbook

  2. *Sigh* ALWAYS dreaming.....Haven't been able to stretch beyond little CC earings, sunnies, perfume and some make-up & skincare. One day! x KL

  3. Just beautiful. I even just love the packaging the perfume comes in! xx