Monday, January 3, 2011


I have for a long time had a love for mirrored venetian furniture, from consoles to dutchesses like the one above, to the beautiful mirrors below... [how gorgeous is this image, right down to the pink high heels}
so much so that now I own a number of pieces including mirrored side tables and side dresser drawers to 2 beautifull venetian jewellery armoires...

I also have a love for kartell ghost chairs, especially used with my love of mirrored furniture like the image above [be still my beating heart!!!}

Gorgeous colours like the ones above work effortlessly to add opulence and granduer!

One piece of furniture I don't have would be this stunning mirrored treasure chest, how much beauty would that add to my home... I can only but dream... as these pieces are very hard to source.

Thankyou to all my visitors who stop by and leave your lovely comments and to all my new followers, I hope to continue to inspire you all throughout the year that is " 2011" xx

image via Turquoise Tulips and Bliss, Elements of Style, Brabourne Farm


  1. I love all of these images, I dream of owning a venetian mirror one day at the very least & I also have an obsession with ghost chairs. I have that same image of the mirrored trunk & from memory it is from coco republic, I hope you get to own one some time soon!!

  2. i love venetian mirrors also ...beautiful images hope you had a great Xmas and a great new ear celebrations :)xx

  3. Another beautiful post! Mirrored furniture is so stunning. Do you find it high maintenance?

  4. Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors, LOVE EM!!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I too have now become a follower of yours and will be adding you to my WONDERFUL BLOGS to read.
    Happy New Year my new blog friend,
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  5. love mirrors too! happy new year!

  6. Very beautiful! It would be so pretty in my master bedroom! Happy New year! ♥

  7. I was trying to figure out how to email you..but I'm still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing! But just wanted to tell you that we are way too much alike. I would post all the same pictures you would. Let's be friends!